The Walter Darby Bannard Archive

Letter of comment (1995)

Princeton Alumni Weekly, Jan. 20, 1995, p. 6.

Regarding the brick street, circa 1920, featured in your September 14th "From the Archives" photograph: For several years after graduating, I worked at the Little Gallery, at 39 Palmer Square West. It backed onto John Street, where I parked. Although the buildings have all changed since the 1920s, the narrowness and slight inclination of the street pictured suggests that it is John Street. I know that in the '20s there was a rug-washing place on John Street, as indicated in your picture. In the late 1950s a John's Shoe Repair was located at 4 John Street, just about where the picture shows a sign for J. Patalino Shoe Repair. Perhaps they were the same.

Darby Bannard '56