The Walter Darby Bannard Archive

Chairman's Statement (1994)

1994 Student Exhibition, Lowe Art Museum, March 10-24, 1994.

Exhibition is the aim of every artist. A competitive juried show, because it entails selection, preparation, deadlines, the exhilaration of inclusion and prize-winning and the disappointment of not making it in, is a necessary part of the education of art students as they prepare to go out into the real world.

Here at the University of Miami we are very fortunate to be able to hang the show in a real museum, and we are obliged to the Lowe Art Museum for this yearly contribution to our department and our students.

A huge number of works were submitted this year, and a large percentage of them were selected for the show. Clive King, recently appointed Chairman of the Department of Visual Art at Florida International University, was kind enough to interrupt his Spring Break to do the judging. We all owe him our thanks for a fine job.

A large juried exhibit demands many hours of time from many people. We are particularly indebted to Chris Federighi, one of our most active and successful faculty, who took charge of the show this year, and to Semester Lecturer and Director of the New Gallery, George Bethea, who assisted her. Thanks also to our energetic and helpful graduate students, Alan Smith, Kerry Ware, Mary Malm, Jordan Massengale, Rosemary Dunbar, Jose Blanco, and Cheryl Tall and to Jennifer Basile and Phyllis Garvin, who also generously contributed their time.

We are fortunate to have so many generous friends who help make our award list so long. This year we have added a purchase award from the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, who has been continuously supportive of our program; six new photography awards, five of them from Thompson Photo; a Miami Clay Company award; and an anonymous purchase award.

Our aim is quality in diversity; the Student Exhibition is a yearly reminder of our fulfillment of that goal. Congratulations to our students and the good people who put it all together, and grateful thanks to the University, the Lowe Art Museum and the donors who help make it happen.

Darby Bannard
Department of Art and Art History