The Walter Darby Bannard Archive

Catalogue statement (1984)

Juror's catalogue statement for the "30th Annual Juried Art Show," Durham Art Guild, Durham, North Carolina, November - December, 1984.

The first thing I do when I jury is to get familiar with all the work, get the feel of it. Then I go around culling the obvious outs, while I keep an eye on what looks good. The top and bottom are easier than the middle.

Judging is done entirely by intuition based on experience. Style, method, and medium have no influence. A piece either endures or it doesn't.

There is no regional character anymore. What I see in Durham is what I see in Kansas or Florida. But the general level of quality in Durham is much higher than usual.

Joe Whisnant's Road Series XXVII won the best in show. Despite its many raw spots, it has a powerful singular presence, and a fine sense of placement and light.

The paintings of Mr. Gambling started slow but finished strong. They have a rich and mature integrity.

Danielle Epstein's freely painted, dark grey abstract picture is very fresh and well made.

The photography was strong. Mr. Hyman's atavistic still-lifes were excellent. Sculpture and the crafts had some high points but should be better represented or eliminated as a category.

I noted some of the prices on these pieces. They are too low. You have a top-notch community of artists down there. The deserve to be supported. It's a fine show. Congratulations!